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We are set up to provide a wide range of legal services and have a single goal to remove pain from the procedures of busy families and business owners. Matthew D. Attorney Scott has helped hundreds of families find peace of mind on the right land and business plans, exchange of income, and care for the elderly.

Established in 2011


Matthew D's Law Firm Scott focuses on real estate planning and trust laws in Roseville, California. Our chief lawyer, Scott, will help you make important legal decisions about your family's future. If you are designated to be the executor of the property of your loved one, I will help you to manage their property at your request. Our office is located in Roseville, California, and provides legal services to the residents of Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Auburn, Lumis, Lincoln and other surrounding areas.

Matthew D. Scott received a Ph.D. in Juris from McGeorge's Law Department in Sacramento, California.

Scott started his own business in 2011 and focused on helping family and business owners plan their future.   He has the privilege to support hundreds of families in California with real estate planning, trust management, verification, pre-marriage contracts, business formation and inheritance, and age laws.

Before the law school, Scott received a bachelor's degree in music.   He played in several countries and sang in solo and ensemble performances in nearly 10 languages, including at Carnegie Hall. Fall of 2016,   He released the second solo album.   He speaks Spanish fluently.

Matt lives in Roseville with his wife and four children.

Matthew S.
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After my mother died, I was looking forward to seeing the days when I had to go with my family to go to my family. I knew I needed a lawyer to cover all the bases. At first, I got another lawyer on the recommendation of a friend, but she thought it would be hard to care about, so I ran out.

Next, I asked my former vice lawyer. She did not manage her credit, but immediately recommended Matthew Scott to me. I was happy because he was in two offices. One in Elk Grove on Wednesday, and the other in Roseville, a difficult place to find. We have been to both places before.

His price is phone, text & amplifier; Since I could only get in touch with them, I was more fair and more reasonable than the lawyer I had previously hired, whom I had seldom seen. Email. What does a good business man do? But when I met Matthew, I thought he was the best. He really gave me confidence to move forward. Fortunately, my family lawyer was honest and fair.

It worked better than I expected. I'm sure I feel satisfied now that all of it is behind. No one enjoys using a lawyer because it is expensive, but the time comes. I was very glad that Matthew was recommended. He is honest and reliable, and very knowledgeable, he always teaches you legal procedures.  Whether he needed his service or not Now we were glad that he was there for us. I can't think of a better person to stand by us. Can you do it?

12/26/2020 10:25pm