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Why are you paying twice for the same advice? ® Provide twice the advice for your customer at a single price for asset protection, advanced asset planning, and tax strategies. Dell's broad advice is based on years of experience, including Boards and Senior Executives of Fortune 100 Companies from Fortune 100 Companies, midsize enterprises, small business owners, and Silicon Valley founders. Dell has worked with Fortune 500 companies and married and single individuals. Technology, biotechnology, medical and dental professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, commercial property owners, farmers, ranchers, and so on.

Duncan successfully solve customer problems with solutions for professionals, executives, executives, doctors, dentists, direct executives, inventors, investors, owners of commercial portfolios, farmers and ranchers, managers, board of directors, shareholders and other stakeholders. The passion for customer counseling comes from the extensive experience of managing the functions of the global companies of accounting affairs, business development, strategy, finance, personnel affairs, legal affairs, M&A; business, real estate, physical facilities, risk management, sales, finance and tax. He was a certified public accountant, a lawyer, a qualified corporate appraisal, compensation, and equity specialist for IRS, and was a Real Estate Broker

Avasoft Inc.'s SVP Finance/CFO/COO/Board Member/Executive Director (AVAF.OB), Numera (iMetrikus, Inc.), Adforce, Inc. (NASDQ:ADFC), First Omni Financial, Incorpore

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