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Ashley Amelio began supporting the Californians in 2007. She left for a small office with only one (mother) to help her get to the phone. She worked hard to build an active team. Now we're all working together to get what's worth your case. Amélio wants to help people in any way with his various injured cage. As a lawyer, Ashley Amelio is not less than what is worthy of your case. She likes to face adversity and get justice instead of shrinking. Today, the Amerio Law Farm's team will work out the plan in your favor! Call for help!

Established in 2007


You'll get better. We'll do the rest. Lawyers in the Personal Injury Trial of the American Law Office have more than half a century of experience in injury cases, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, dog bites, slips and tumbles, and elder home abuse. If we are injured by the negligence of others, we work tirelessly to get justice and compensation worthy of you or your loved one. I will pay nothing until I pay for my loss.

Ashley Amelio is an excellent legal lawyer and president of Amerio Law Company, a personal casualty insurance company established in 2007.  Mrs. Amerio deals with various cases of injury and cases of unlawful death and abuse of nursing homes.   She is committed to achieving the best results for the customer and will not stop until justice is given to each customer.  Mrs. Amerio' The career path included a role as a local prosecutor's representative.     He evaluated him as a key contributor, and at the beginning he built the basis for a broad perspective of the justice system and was experienced in the  Veenered & It has gained the reputation that an aggressive customer advocate   She is the ' We are proud to be the leader of an organization who believes that those injured by someone's negligence should be compensated properly.

Ashley A.
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I am grateful that I have gained the power of Amélio, a case of extreme complexity with multiple parties and interests.
The insurance assessor, the car body shop, the introduction to experts, the opinions of friends and family are very painful.
Amélio's law firm took over the rule and took a brief look at the process.
He gave me time to focus on the treatment of those as fast, efficient and knowledgeable as professionals.

12/29/2020 07:45pm



Edit: After reading other reviews, I saw Ashley's brother leave a fake review. I think it's okay to think it's not just a fake five-star review. Below is a fake review photo.

It's a pity that we don't have a zero rating.
This law firm is unscrupulous, it is difficult to communicate throughout the whole incident, and they will fight if the case does not earn enough income. There is an honest lawyer in this company whose hands are bound by the bosses' deceit, dishonesty, and lack of professional ethics. This law firm shows why some people dislike lawyers and have distrust.
During the three years that our case took place, you can count with one hand how many times you have called me with information. I heard nothing for two years. 2. It is rare, for example, that we received timely responses to inquiries. In the mediation, after Ashley Amélio and his lawyer were told to attend, we did not represent at all. Ashley sent an inexperienced person we had never met before, and sent a person who knew nothing about our case. The result was terrible. Ashley Amélio is a typical stereotyped immoral lawyer. Find a lawyer who cares about you, not your ass.

12/24/2020 10:17pm



Alex and the team didn't help when their daughter's dog bit them. We met with them in May, and by the end of August the case was settled. We got more than we had expected. I am grateful for all the teams and all the work they do

01/03/2021 02:10am



Recently, while living in nursing homes and nursing homes, I know that people who cherish their families have passed away. If what happens to you and your family is suspected of negligence or improper treatment, it is worth consulting with this law firm. Dealing with elder abuse, false death, personal injury and bankruptcy. They will fight for you, and there will be no charge unless you win.

12/26/2020 01:07pm



I had the best experience at this law firm. I never felt that I had not received the necessary support. From the first day, all the staff are there. Thank you for what I can say. James and Susan...You were really wonderful and it was very fun to work together.

12/29/2020 11:10pm



After considering how to proceed with my case of unlawful death, I decided to use this law firm.

12/26/2020 11:12am



In my opinion, the positive assessment of these terrible people is something the company itself wrote.

Don't hire an Amerio law firm.  Terrible.

I helped my older friend go bankrupt, but unfortunately I was told to use Amélio.  It was said that it would take three to four months.  It took a year.  One year...

5 Every time I experienced a lawyer, I had to take them back to court again to get them to me quickly.  They will pass for months without hearing anything.  I learned twice that the lawyer called and left seeking the latest information.  Our cases bounced countless times  Please do not ask me how many times you have charged the "renewal" fee or how many times you have submitted a bank statement.  

When we reached the bankruptcy court, we heard a story of terror from an American customer.  It's a mystery to me why this company is continuing its business.

My advice:  Search for REAL bankruptcy lawyer.  Avoid amateurs.

12/28/2020 08:57pm



sought for their efforts  personal injury They were very useful, pleasant, and unbearable. I'm incredibly grateful to their support. If you need help, and you don't know where to start, we recommend it.

12/27/2020 12:49am



My husband lost his job at the age of 15 and because of our age, finding another person wasn't that easy. After that, I was hospitalized with a chronic disease, and I found that my husband was exposed to orange pills during the Vietnam War. He tried to get me crazy about everything that happened. We've been behind. Bankruptcy was our best choice. I called Mrs. Amélio's law firm and they planned to pay me a lawyer's fee and a filing fee. Everyone I spoke to was very helpful and understood. He received a document to help him step by step on the road, and Sandy was patient with me. There are no more creditor calls! Now we can manage our health, and our stress is almost eliminated. My husband has a new job. Thank you, Mr. Amelio.

12/31/2020 01:06am



This company is absolutely a joke! "I'll talk about you over the phone." Considering the most basic situation of the basic bankruptcy case, the company advised that it would take two to three months from the beginning to the end, and be treated up to two people. Six people four months later, the first day...Not to mention "lawyer", he advised me to move the car to the family. Such advice is actually the basis for the illegal conduct of the law. Besides, we paid in advance. Even though they did nothing at all, they were greedy and refused to refund our money. I went to the media and contacted the finance department and finally threatened to get the money back. Don't waste your time and money on these people.

12/30/2020 01:51pm